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Ryan Stephens

Wait for it…

Here it is…

Don’t Do It. Just Don’t.

I was bound and determined to post a blog post today.

I re-visited a couple of drafts. Eh, nothing insightful, empowering, or inspiring there.

I finished the last two chapters of a really good book that I thought I would share. Nah, want to think through that post some more.

I read through my notebook, hammered out a few bullet points on one topic, but I needed to let it simmer longer for full effect.

Still nothing.

A lot of bloggers will tell you that your ideas don’t have to be perfect. Part of putting them down on paper is the experience you derive from your own thought process that goes into the post. You learn as you write. I don’t disagree.

I also think that sometimes it’s a great idea to start an idea and let your readers have a discussion and increase the value tenfold in the comments section.

But then there are others, like Jonathan Mead, who insists he only posts when he has something to say.

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BY Lon SafkoWed Jun 10, 2009

Everyone asks me, “Now that I’m getting a better idea of what social media is, How do I actually apply it? Where do I start?” Start with these, The Five P’s of Social Media. The Five P’s are; Profiles, Propagate, Produce, Participate, and Progress.

The first of the Five P’s are Profiles. There are basically two types of Profiles, your personal profile or your company profile and a group profile. Personal profiles can be; Lon Safko in LinkedIn, in FaceBook, in MySpace, in Flickr. An example of a group can be Social Media, The Social Media Bible, or Innovative Thinking.

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According to the article, “How One Small Business Uses Twitter to Build its Brand“, written for Advertising Age by Leach, Crochet and Fillinger, a small pizza business used Twitter to brand itself and to “fire up” their brand. The article stated that…

How time flies in a Twitter world. In these few short months, our single-unit store in New Orleans has plunged into the deep end of the social-media pool. We have added our Twitter handle (twitter.com/nakedpizza) to all carryout menus, box toppers and our company website. We’ve provided a link to sign up in our e-newsletter, sent to about 5,000 opt-in recipients on a bi-weekly basis. In the coming weeks our Twitter handle will appear on the 5,000-plus pizza boxes that go out the door every month and will be featured on more than 60,000 direct mail pieces sent to addresses within 5 miles of our store. We have even replaced a giant sign that formerly displayed our business phone number, 20 feet above our store, with a Tweetie bird and our Twitter handle. For a brick-and-mortar company that did not have so much as a Facebook page two months ago, to say we are embracing social media would be an understatement. We are betting the farm on it.

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