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According to the article, “How One Small Business Uses Twitter to Build its Brand“, written for Advertising Age by Leach, Crochet and Fillinger, a small pizza business used Twitter to brand itself and to “fire up” their brand. The article stated that…

How time flies in a Twitter world. In these few short months, our single-unit store in New Orleans has plunged into the deep end of the social-media pool. We have added our Twitter handle (twitter.com/nakedpizza) to all carryout menus, box toppers and our company website. We’ve provided a link to sign up in our e-newsletter, sent to about 5,000 opt-in recipients on a bi-weekly basis. In the coming weeks our Twitter handle will appear on the 5,000-plus pizza boxes that go out the door every month and will be featured on more than 60,000 direct mail pieces sent to addresses within 5 miles of our store. We have even replaced a giant sign that formerly displayed our business phone number, 20 feet above our store, with a Tweetie bird and our Twitter handle. For a brick-and-mortar company that did not have so much as a Facebook page two months ago, to say we are embracing social media would be an understatement. We are betting the farm on it.

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A recent post in Business Weekly claims social media is not all it’s cracked up to be. I beg to differ, and it’s not just my opinion, it’s the truth!

You don’t have to be a famous celebrity to reap the benefits of social networking. It helps yes, but is not required. The article in Business Weekly says “For many business owners, social networking is as valuable as a Hot Pocket is nutritious.” Let us dig into the reasons why you should consider social networking over a grease-filled Hot Pocket.

1. Social media sites are free.

I do agree with one point the article makes, it isn’t as cheap as many people think. It doesn’t cost money; it costs time. But just like any business, you have to be willing to put time into selling your product, whether you run an ice cream shop or sell real estate. You do have to be involved, replying to feedback from potential customers, and monitoring activity. That’s where GENERATE comes in. There are companies like us that are devoted to spending that time for you. So let’s put to rest the myth that it costs too much to be part of the social networking world.

2. Social media sites are a great place to find new customers.

Facebook and Myspace are indeed full of more than just “pimply adolescents and gothly teenagers”. Over 23,000,000 users have joined Facebook since February 2009, most of which are not even close to being adolescents. Facebook has over 200 million active users. More than 100 million of those users log on at least once each day. Are you convinced yet why your business should be a part of the social network?

3. You need to be on all the big sites.

You can never be involved in too many social sites. However, the top three most popular are Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. How can one person possibly find the time to focus on more than one site at the time? There are various sites, such as ping.fm to help you do that – it’s your one stop shop for updates.

4. Social networking sites are for marketing.

Regardless of what you hear regarding the decrease in visitors to these sites, it’s simply not true. This trend is not vanishing, it’s growing. And now is the time to become a part of it. To make it pay, you have to be willing to play. Becoming part of the social networking world doesn’t mean you stop what you were doing before. You still need to make phone calls, update your newsletters, and continue partnering with others.

Hot Pockets still taste good, and they always will. The same goes for social media – it tastes good now, and it’s going to taste even better in the future.

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If you’re not part of the Twitter world right now, you’re missing out. One of the hottest topics on the popular social site is Follow Friday. What exactly is that, better known as #followfriday?

Everyone suggests other users to follow, each Friday of course. What are the benefits?

We all know how important networking is, and if you’re a business you know how important word of mouth advertising is. Twitter does just that! And #followfriday makes it even better.

If you’re a business owner this is great advertising for you. If you’re updated in the Twitter world and your keeping yourself known amongst your peeps, then #followfriday is a payoff for you. If others enjoy what you have to offer, they’re going to suggest you to their followers.

So what’s they key to getting promoted on Fridays? Being polite is the first step. When someone replies to you or retweets something you have tweeted, send them a short thank you – they’ll appreciate it and remember you. Also make sure you reply to their posts. Let others know they’re too being noticed in the Twitter world.

Don’t forget #followfriday. It’s worth it.

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